Moonlight Madness ’06/’07

Your first time under the moonlight?Many have sneaked a run or two at the ol’ Fort under the full moon, this year we will do it right!

Start by gathering around bonfire at the Canadian parking lot… roast a marshmallow, or a smoky and wash it down with a refreshing beverage… make your way to the base of Canadian Chair that will whisk you into darkness of the night – where the fear of unknown is deeply tangled with romantic mood of a full moon. You will have to try few runs, just to discover that charm of nature and a raw beauty of James Walker Mountain lit up from the top of Canadian chair. …yet another unforgettable experience at Fortress Mountain.

In 2006/07 season we will continue our tradition – skiing under the moonlight from 9:00PM to 1:00AM on the front side!

Simple rules for dates this year…
-the night of the fool moon
-the closest Saturday night to the night of the full moon”See you at the next full moon!” …soon to become a greeting amongst the moon riders.