Choosing The Right Apartment In Hamilton For Holiday

If you have been to Hamilton before then you may have noticed that getting an apartment that gives you privacy at an affordable price is not that easy. Being a busy city during the holidays, finding an apartment in Hamilton has really become a nightmare. But here is a look at some of the tips you need to consider in order to have the right apartment for you and your family this holiday.


Find the right neighborhood

When going for a vacation to a city you are not very familiar with, considering the security of the area should be a priority. In this case, you should go around Hamilton and search for the most ideal neighborhood. To make your work easier, you can go through ‘district guides’ offered by rental agencies on their blogs. These guides will give you a better understanding of the neighborhood you are about to move into.

Facilities and amenities

When looking for an apartment in Hamilton, there’s no doubt that you already have your needs and want a building that will meet them. For instance, you may get an apartment located in the best place of the city and offers a great size for your needs. However, the house may be located on the 3rd floor and with no elevator. This may not work for some home seekers. So checking the facility before booking is essential.

You should also consider the amenities. For instance, if you prefer a home cooked meal, make sure the house has a kitchen and it should have everything you’ll need to prepare a meal. Also remember to check the capacity and the rooms should have everything you paid for.



Review websites are very useful especially when you want to check what other tenants had to say about the apartment you are interested in. There are also other apartment agencies who list customer ratings and comments about apartments on their websites. So before making the final decision, make sure to check out the reviews.


Go through the Small Print

The FAQ and Terms and Conditions pages of will greatly help you know more about your potential home before you move in. This will also help you understand the entire rental process from booking to checking out. It is important to be aware of how the company works and what is expected of you as a new client. This is just to help you not be on the wrong side of the agreement.

What’s up?

Fortress Mountain Resort is redrafting its approach to reopening the resort for 2007/08 Winter Season. The new approach will see winterization of the existing lodge while the issue of the applicable Alberta Building Code is negotiated and worked out with the respective Government bodies. In the meantime, Fortress will proceed with permits and approvals for a new space that will be ready for opening for October 31, 2007.

“Ever since we took over the Fortress Mountain Resort, our lodge renovations should have been approved to be worked on as an existing building, government officials did not respect that portion of the code” and continues “The Alberta Building Code 1997, section states that existing buildings fully comply to ABC97 if they are not found to be unsafe. Our lodge has never been declared unsafe and two independent architectural firms found it needing only repairs and regular renovations”

With a replacement value of the lodge reaching $9,000,000 has decided to put off repairs to the lodge, subject to negotiations with The Fire Commissioners office over variances and the application of the ABC97 Code to the building and legal opinions of governing bodies. The fact is, that if the Code was interpreted in this manner, The Banff Springs Hotel, The Prince of Wales at Waterton or even our Legislature Building in Edmonton would be shut down, never to be opened again!

It is not just the deadline by SRD, but it is our mission to provide affordable skiing to Albertan families that are driving our commitment to find a comparable solution. Our investment was too great as were our losses of revenue over the first two years. They are substantial enough not to allow the hill to stay closed for yet another year! and he continues within days we will present the government with an alternative solution, based on full compliance of a new building to ABC97 and with a timeline that will see us working on our facilities starting September.

Moonlight Madness ’06/’07

Your first time under the moonlight?Many have sneaked a run or two at the ol’ Fort under the full moon, this year we will do it right!

Start by gathering around bonfire at the Canadian parking lot… roast a marshmallow, or a smoky and wash it down with a refreshing beverage… make your way to the base of Canadian Chair that will whisk you into darkness of the night – where the fear of unknown is deeply tangled with romantic mood of a full moon. You will have to try few runs, just to discover that charm of nature and a raw beauty of James Walker Mountain lit up from the top of Canadian chair. …yet another unforgettable experience at Fortress Mountain.

In 2006/07 season we will continue our tradition – skiing under the moonlight from 9:00PM to 1:00AM on the front side!

Simple rules for dates this year…
-the night of the fool moon
-the closest Saturday night to the night of the full moon”See you at the next full moon!” …soon to become a greeting amongst the moon riders.