Progress on bringing The Fort back

“Ever since we took over the Fortress Mountain Resort, our lodge renovations should have been approved to be worked on as an existing building, government officials did not respect that portion of the code” and continues “The Alberta Building Code 1997, section states that existing buildings fully comply to ABC97 if they are not found to be unsafe. Our lodge has never been declared unsafe and two independent architectural firms found it needing only repairs and regular renovations”

With a replacement value of the lodge reaching $9,000,000 has decided to put off repairs to the lodge, subject to negotiations with The Fire Commissioners office over variances and the application of the ABC97 Code to the building and legal opinions of governing bodies. The fact is, that if the Code was interpreted in this manner, The Banff Springs Hotel, The Prince of Wales at Waterton or even our Legislature Building in Edmonton would be shut down, never to be opened again!

It is not just the deadline by SRD, but it is our mission to provide affordable skiing to Albertan families that are driving our commitment to find a comparable solution. Our investment was too great as were our losses of revenue over the first two years. They are substantial enough not to allow the hill to stay closed for yet another year! and he continues within days we will present the government with an alternative solution, based on full compliance of a new building to ABC97 and with a timeline that will see us working on our facilities starting September.